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“Susan is insightful, non-judgemental, non-egocentric, wise, loving, and kind. I am so grateful for her support, and for having had the opportunity to work with Susan and our circle.”


“Susan transports others to deeper levels of self-understanding with grace and beauty. In my work with Susan, I gained a greater depth of knowing my own truth, clarity of vision, and a greater connection to the earth… She has a true connection to the realms that expand consciousness and has the gift to help others find their own path to expansive, inner places. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Susan.”

Dr. Valorie Prahl

Cedar Falls, Iowa

“Susan and I worked together through a very challenging year in my life, and I was very grateful for her sincerity, wisdom, and guidance. From the start I felt comfortable & at ease, as though I had known Susan all my life. She had an uncanny ability to see into situations, and provide a level of clarity & support that was specifically tailored & attuned to me & what I needed every step of the way. I also learned to trust my own intuition.

Susan also recently did a home & land clearing for me, which resulted in a positive shift that went far beyond my expectations.

In summary, our work together opened the doorway to a new way of being that is more aligned with who I am and I am excited to step through that doorway. Thank you, Susan!”


“What can I say? This program has been challenging, breaking loose a LOT of old stuff, and at the same time giving me the tools to deal with all that – a real birthing process!!! I’m still feeling like I’m the butterfly in the cocoon, being totally transformed in every cell of my being. The perspective I’ve been gaining keeps me on the side of JOY, instead of the old way of wondering if “society” was right and maybe I’m going off the deep end — ok, I AM going off the deep end, but in a GOOD way :)”
Teri Wojci

Holladay, Utah

“I recently completed a one-year commitment of working with Susan.  I walked away from the work we did together with more tools for personal growth, deeper insights into myself, and a more deeply embodied sense of personal direction and purpose.  I continue to integrate all the jewels from this beautiful journey, and appreciated the opportunity to do this work closely with Susan”.

Missouri, USA

“I have worked with Susan for over a year now, as a private client and in her group programs. This has been such a time of change and transformation for me, and the entire world, during the pandemic. Within the first year of COVID, I went through a relationship ending and went through major changes at work, and in many other areas of my life. Susan has been a wonderful support and guide through this challenging process. She is authentic; I always feel her fully present, open, and connected. Her integrity has offered me a foundation of deep trust in our relationship, that has allowed me to open up fully, and go deep into my healing process and transformation.

After a year of receiving her mentoring and teachings, I am thrilled to say that I accept and love myself more than ever before. I feel deeply grounded and connected with the earth and all her beings and powerful energies. My Spirituality – which to me is my direct relationship with Great Spirit/Consciousness and all beings – has expanded and is more potent; and is the foundation of my inner strength. I am beyond grateful to Susan!!!

P.S. To all of you looking into her teachings: Yes, I highly recommend it! You just need to show up with true intention, receive from Susan as the loving, wise soul she is, and allow the magical process to unfold!”


Marriage & Family Therapist, San Francisco Bay Area

Working with Susan has made a strong impact in my life. She is the first person who I have felt comfortable opening up to. She is someone who I can fully trust. She has a warm and gentle heart. Susan has taught me how to have better relationships with people in my life. She has also taught me how to really step into my power and be myself. I have been very blessed to be working with her.”

Amber Kauffman

Westminster, Colorado USA

“Susan is a powerful, intuitive healer, teacher, and seer. Her approach is deeply respectful of the individual. Susan has an open heart and a remarkable capacity for deep listening. She is tremendously humble and gives feedback and insight that is transformational, deep, and true.

I began to work with Susan when I was 17 years old (about 17 years ago). I was in the early stages of recovering memories of sexual and physical abuse, and I needed help to navigate what was a very complicated and difficult time. As a way to cope with my trauma, I had lived most of my 17 years ‘asleep’, unconscious of the fear that was coloring my life. The work I did with Susan was instrumental in my healing and awakening. During our time together, I learned to trust my own intuition, and I learned to find answers and healing from within. I learned a language and gained an understanding about personal power and boundaries that I continue to use every single day. My journey has been long.

In these last 17 years, I have worked with numerous therapists, counselors, psychics, and teachers. The quality of healing work that I did with Susan stands alone – not only because of the personal tools I gained in the process, but because her approach was so deeply tailored and intuitively tuned to me and what I needed at the time. It was an honor to work with her, and I will be forever grateful to her for all she has given me.”

Ghigs Razi

Ashland, Oregon USA

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