Ignite your spirit, harness your power! Embody the alchemist that you are!

Transformation is your birthright! If not now, when?

Tending to Your Roots” is designed for people who are ready to commit to themselves, nourish their spirits, ground and align with the earth, and cause empowering change in their lives. Over the 6 months you will be nurtured, encouraged and supported by me as healer, spiritual guide, visionary, coach and medicine dreamer.

Are you:

  •      Facing a crossroad or difficulty in your life that you need healing, support and guidance with?
  •      Ready to truly empower and transform your life?
  •      Longing to clarify your soul’s purpose, vision & co-create a clear strategy and life plan?
  •      Praying for more spiritual connection, guidance and grace in your life?

By working together over a period of 6 months we will be able to focus specifically and deeply on issues current, pressing and “up” in your life. Along with my ongoing support, spiritual coaching, and nurturing guidance we will create a strong vessel for your deep transformation.

Each month includes:

  • 3   Personal sessions
  • Recordings of all sessions if requested.
  • Personal email access with Susan.

Over the 6 months you will learn to:

  •      Nourish and tend to your roots and ground deeply with the Earth.
  •      Clarify your vision, identify your “choice points”.
  •      Create a clear, powerful strategy for your life.
  •      Journey to non-ordinary realities for guidance.
  •      Learn about and work with the “planetary medicine wheel” for deep healing, stability and inner power. 

Spaces are limited, so if your heart says “yes”, commit to yourself today!

You are well worth the investment!

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Join me for an Illuminating Inner Journey Into the Heart of your Being

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