The Fall Equinox Retreat

Align with the seasons to create ease and exude radiance. The Fall Equinox opens up a portal to accelerate change. And make it easy. In this powerful transmission and experience, you’ll:

  • set into motion your vision
  • experience a new level of shedding old stuff you’re ready to have fall away, like a leaf,
  • and deeply honor yourself, along with mother earth.

Now is the time to rest, renew, and rejuvenate.

Give this to you. And Give this to Mother Earth.
Now is the time to shed and grow anew.

This intimate retreat is for those who are ready:

  • Re-ignite your spirit in the magic of sacred circle and ceremony.
  • Reconnect with and pay homage to all the ancestors.
  • Gather in honor our dear earth in all her bounty.
  • Invoke the elements earth, air, fire and water to purify and cleanse your energy field.
  • Learn how to work with nature as a collaborative ally and guide.
  • Deepen your connection with your helping spirit allies and wise guides.

When you carve out the time, you’ll feel the energy flow to you in return. Most importantly your life will flow way more naturally and gracefully into the next season.

Experience the power:

  • Slow way down
  • Intentionally align with the seasonal cosmic energies.
  • Honor the earth and purify yourself.
  • Clarify your vision for the next season, you serve your spirit and the entire web of life.

This sacred circle is for you if you’re ready. Find out. And check here.

Just imagine how good you would feel on so many levels if you chose to gift yourself this time?

Join me for an Illuminating Inner Journey Into the Heart of your Being

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