Do you know there’s MORE TO LIFE but aren’t quite sure HOW TO GET THERE?

Are you facing a major CROSSROAD or TRANSITION in your life?

Are you looking for more SPIRITUAL CONNECTION, GUIDANCE, and EASE on your path?

Are you tired of playing small and know it’s time to show up in your FULL POWER and LIGHT?



It’s time to RELAX and let go of trying to “FIGURE IT ALL OUT” and surrender to a HIGHER POWER and TRUST in your SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE.

You want to connect and work with the SPIRIT ANIMALS and GUIDES just ready and waiting to SUPPORT YOU on your path.

You’re ready to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to be your WILD, AUTHENTIC SELF!

I know what it’s like to feel lost, uncertain and afraid.
I’ve been there myself!

34 years ago the life I had known fell out from underneath me when I was faced with a serious health crisis that launched me onto my shamanic healing path and opened me to the magical realms of spirit and my unique gift of sight and medicine dreaming ways. It was a profound, challenging and deeply healing initiation and training. Once I surrendered and connected deeply with the earth, spirit animals, and helping guides, I felt supported, loved and at peace. With spirit by my side and the help of many gifted holistic practitioners, I healed completely. I have been strong and healthy now for over 3 decades. 

Because of this experience I know from the inside what it’s like to feel broken, cracked open and totally vulnerable. And I also know what it’s like to be on the other side. I have a deep empathy for people going through their own spiritual crises and difficult healing initiations and passageways and hold a safe loving space for people to heal and transform. I teach shamanic spirit and earth centered practices that help people connect deeply with the earth, meet and work with spirit animals and beneficial guides, to heal, re-ignite their inner fire, empower themselves and embody their soul vision.

That’s why I’ve created this yearlong program – so I can teach and share all that I’ve learned to empower and heal myself. I wake up each day inspired, ignited, and on my spirit path and…



It’s time to shine. The world needs you!


Over the year you’re going to take a journey into self-expression and self-realization that will help you tap into what your true soul purpose is.

In your journey around the medicine wheel you’ll ground and connect with the earth, the cardinal directions, beautiful spirit animals and helping guides to help you identify and clear away your resistance, old sabotaging blocks and patterns, so that you can truly birth yourself into the full light of your “being”.

I’ve created a unique format where we’ll work closely together in your private sessions and in an intimate group setting where you’ll feel safe to really open up and share your experience with like hearted people and have me guiding you all along the way.

You’ll learn to connect with the beautiful spirit animals and guides just waiting behind the veils to guide and support you with their powerful medicine. Once you meet and start working with them you’ll never feel alone again.

The number one mistake that people often make when the old is falling away and they’re facing the unknown is to fall back into old ways of thinking and sabotaging patterns.

We go back to the familiar out of fear. Being in a birth canal and going through the process of “Birthing Yourself Into Being” isn’t always comfortable, but is certainly well worth it in the end!  When you learn how to connect with nature and the earth on a regular basis you’ll start to relax, surrender and let go of trying “to figure things out”. You’ll develop a deep trust in your spiritual guidance and feel the unconditional love and power of the earth.

When you deepen into this space you’ll start to entrain with the dreaming of the earth and your next steps will begin to magically appear before you, in just the right timing. Your life will be more effortless and stress will begin to fall away. Your life will become more and more fulfilling and you too will wake up each day full of gratitude and excitement! You’ll begin to truly awaken to the miracle of life, and trust, more and more, that all is well, and in the right timing, and that life is an exciting, mysterious, magical journey.

Are you ready to TRUST and CONNECT with the EARTH’S DREAMING for you, follow your guides and surrender to your HIGHER POWER?

Are you ready to feel a sense of CONNECTIONwith something GREATER THAN YOURSELF?

Are you ready to OPEN YOUR HEART and RADIATE LOVE and PEACE in your life and all over the planet?

If “YES!” then…




A shamanic group program that will build your spiritual connection, provide you with inspiration and guidance to empower and ignite your life!

  • Become confident and focused and find the courage to speak your truth.
  • Clear sabotaging stories, patterns and limiting beliefs, so that you can step fully into your power and soar with no looking back!
  • Co-create a clear vision, strategy and plan for your life so that you can wake up every day feeling inspired, ignited and ready. 
  • Learn powerful tools, practices and ceremonies to add to your spiritual tool kit.
  • Gather in sacred circle with a small intimate group, and also work with me one on one throughout the year.

Shamanism is a spiritual pathway of direct revelation, connecting us to spirit and the natural world as a source of inner guidance and inspiration. Working directly with the earth, the directions and the elements, creates balance, stability, confidence and clarity. Through shamanic journey work you’ll meet beneficial guides and animal spirits, who’ll become lifelong allies and helpers. You’ll gather invaluable, practical shamanic tools and practices to add to your spiritual toolbox. You’ll get to work with me privately in addition to the group calls.


  • 3 live group calls per month.

  • Secret Facebook group.

  • 4 – 6 private sessions over the year.

  • Lifetime access to all group calls.


“I am overwhelmed with joy when I think about how my life has changed since working with Susan Jenkins. If you are looking to connect with spirit and do some deep inner work, you will be amazed to find powerful medicine to move you forward on your life’s path. Susan’s soothing voice and gentle guidance take you on amazing Shamanic journeys to the invisible realms. There you will meet your power animals and spirit guides with their unique and meaningful messages. I have been able to overcome blocks to take the steps necessary to manifest my dreams. New opportunities are opening up for me and Susan is helping me feel empowered to go forth with confidence! With the sound of the drum I have journeyed to miraculous places, and emerged to break free of self criticism and self doubt to become a warrioress and create my life’s vision. I am so grateful to have found Susan and her abundant wisdom. If you get stuck or need support she is always accessible to help you. I have become more peaceful, playful, and appreciative of the beauty of nature all around me because of Susan’s teachings. She can help you uncover your own special gifts and talents so you too can be rebirthed into your best and highest self.”


St. Louis, Missouri

“What can I say? This program has been challenging, breaking loose a LOT of old stuff, and at the same time giving me the tools to deal with all that… a real birthing process !!! Still feeling like I’m the butterfly in the cocoon, being totally transformed in every cell of my being…The perspective I’ve been gaining keeps me on the side of JOY, instead of the old way of wondering if “society” was right and maybe I’m going off the deep end — ok, I AM going off the deep end, but in a GOOD way :)”
Teri Wojci

Holladay, Utah

“Almost a year ago now, I found out about the Birthing yourself into Being group program. In that moment, I knew that Susan would guide us through a transformative year of self-reflection, deep spiritual engagement and healing. Her gifts come from unfaltering dedication and years of sincere practice. When we journey together I know that Susan’s personal work and knowledge of spirit world, as well as the time and care she has put into preparing the space, will allow the experience to be as revealing and heartful as my soul needs.

I am sincerely grateful to my guides and ancestors for having put this opportunity on my path.

I know Susan’s heart well and she is a gift to all of us who wish to stand in our true light as brave light-beings working towards an awakened humanity. We are the universe evolving in love and awareness. If this work calls to you, do not hesitate.”

Sheila LeBlanc

Church Point, Nova Scotia, Canada


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I’ve been a shamanic practitioner, spiritual midwife and healer for more than three decades now, helping people empower and transform their lives. I believe that every situation, especially those that are the most challenging, have the potential to become powerful gateways for transformation. Through numerous spiritual studies and rigorous shamanic training, I’ve developed my abilities to journey beyond the physical plane, seeing and sensing underlying energies influencing a person’s health, relationships and life circumstances. Working in collaboration with my guides, we clear, shift and uplift the energies. Deeply  grounded in the earth, I use a variety of earth-based practices and ceremonies for healing and shifting energies. Always by my side, my spirit and animal guides help facilitate deep healing through their unique medicines and guidance.

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