If you haven’t upgraded yet, I want to remind you of the 2 special upgrade packages I’ve created for the group. This will provide you with extra support and guidance on your inner journey. Imagine how nice it would be to be able to email me to ask questions, share your journeys, and receive my ongoing feedback and guidance throughout the year. I encourage you to consider either upgrade and take advantage of my special offer. 

This is how it works:

As soon as you say “yes” to either upgrade, you’ll have personal email access with me.

Your December payment remains as is.

Your monthly payment increase of either $75 or $130/month will start in January and continue for the remaining 10 months.
(Pay in full and save $50 or $100).

Emerald Birthing Upgrade Package

* 2 extra 75 minute personal sessions during the year.
* Instant personal email access.
* 1/ 30 Minute SOS call.

   $502/month (Jan-Oct)

 Pay $700 in full ~ save $50.


Diamond "Birthing Upgrade Package"

* 4 extra 75 minute personal sessions over the year.
* Personal email access.
* 1/30 Minute SOS call.
* Extra Diamond Bonus!
“The Inner Warrior Summit ~ 28 Expert Interview Set” (Value $325)

$557/month (Jan-Oct)

Pay $1,200 in full ~ save $100.



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