Home & Land Clearing

Does your land or home need an energy clearing? Trying to sell real estate with no results?

Maybe it’s time to consider an energy clearing along with your usual seasonal cleaning.

Home & Land Energy Clearing

Have you ever noticed that even though, year after year, you muster the energy to clean and clear all the extraneous clutter and old stuff from your home, barn, shed, yard, that often, by the next year, you seem to have accumulated similar clutter and piles in the same areas once again?

Maybe it’s time to consider an energy clearing along with your usual spring-cleaning.

For over a decade, I have been doing energy clearing, cleaning and balancing work to shift and align the underlying energies in homes, out buildings, offices, barns, and land. There are a multitude of reasons for stuck, heavy energies to linger, no matter how many objects we move from one place to another. I do readings to identify the underlying, often stuck energies, in and around spaces, that  create a sense of chaos, heaviness, lifelessness, or general feeling of imbalance. The sources for disruptive, imbalanced energies in spaces, (old & new), are endless and multidimensional, often originating from former owners or inhabitants.

My work is to move, shift, balance, and clear these energies; creating a higher frequency of light; which uplifts, boosts and generally enlivens the vibration of energies throughout.  My experience is that many other old patterns are also broken up in the process, which allows for transformation on many levels.

Over the years, I have also worked with a multitude of realtors and homeowners attempting to sell, who have hired me to work on a property that just doesn’t “feel right”. Though everything seems in order on the exterior, prospective buyers are either not drawn to even looking, or are turned off for reasons they don’t even understand. After doing my clearing work, calls often start coming in from prospective buyers and the properties start moving. On several occasions, this has been within weeks!     Maybe you have purchased a piece of land on which you will be building and want the energies to be aligned when you begin breaking ground?

What to expect when you hire me to do a reading and clearing?

We would have an initial consultation where we discuss what’s been going on, and what properties you want me to work on. I work by distance, or on site, so your location doesn’t matter. I work by myself, so you don’t need to be present. After I am done, I will share what I saw and am often given guidance as to things you can also do to help.

“For years, Susan has worked on houses and land that I have listed for sale to renew and refresh the spirit of the property, generating greater appeal for prospective buyers. In a number of cases, the timing of her work coincided quite remarkably with offers received. Her advice on listings has been both spiritual and practical, and always useful. I would recommend Susan to anyone hoping to enhance and move property, especially in this challenging market.”


Realtor, Camden, Maine.

“The first time I hired Susan to do a reading and clearing on a property I’d had listed for close to a year with no forward movement, it was ‘under contract’ within a few days after her clearing work. I know her work was instrumental in moving that property and numerous others for me since.”


Realtor, Belfast, Maine.

I was referred to Ms. Jenkins-Urban by my realtor, after indicating that I wanted my just-purchased property to be “cleared” of any negative energy. I purchased this home with the intention of renting it out, so Ms. Jenkins came over and “worked” on the house. Within 2 weeks, my property was rented to a wonderful tenant (who is still there)! I was so pleased that I hired her to clear my other rental properties, and I have been blessed with great tenants! If you need any kind of clearing or energy work, I highly recommend Susan Jenkins!”

Myriam M.


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