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Chloe Faith Urban

Opening To Multidimensional Levels of Healing

In this interview we talk about:

  • How challenging it can be to stay connected to our essence and spiritual paths in the context of the modern world.
  • How the absence of earth based initiations and ceremony disconnects us and creates a propensity towards risky, precarious behavior in young adults.
  • The different planes of healing. What are they and why is it so important to identify them?
  • Being empathetic, how we take on so much that’s not even ours and how that impacts our health.
  • How to protect and clear yourself from taking on other people’s energies.
  • Chloe does a powerful collective clearing and releasing for all the listeners.
Chloe Urban takes a unique approach to healing. Through shamanic practices, energy medicine, neuroscience, and primal brain clearings, she helps activate one’s innate capacity to heal – physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, energetically, and genetically.

Chloe is Inner Warrior Summit host Susan’s daughter. Thus, spirituality and healing have played an integral role in her life since she was a child.

In her adult years, Chloe has studied Infinity Healing, Shamanism, Relationship Healing and Coaching Modalities, and Reiki. She is also the co-founder of the newloveparadigm.com, with her husband, Neil Sattin, where they help people overcome obstacles to profound growth and connection in relationship.

Meet your host Susan Jenkins

Susan Jenkins is a Shaman Priestess and Medicine Dreamer who uses shamanic spirit and earth based practices to help people heal, empower themselves, and align with their soul essence and purpose. Susan received her unique gift of sight over three decades ago when she faced a serious health crisis that opened her to the realms of spirit and her shamanic path. She journeys there to receive wisdom, inspiration and guidance from the earth, spirit guides, power animals, the elements and forces of nature.

A heart centered light worker, Susan works in collaboration with spirit animals and luminous beings to clear, heal, uplift, and balance energies. Clients report profound healing and positive shifts from working with Susan in her Dreaming and Embodying Your Vision Personal Yearlong Program & her Birthing Yourself Into Being Yearlong Group Program. The next group program begins in June 2018. CLICK HERE to find out more! If you’re interested in working with her privately you can set up a time to talk by CLICKING HERE.

To learn more about her personal healing journey, vision and shamanic work, Click the Button to the left to listen to her exclusive interview with Anahita Joon Tehrani.

Join Susan on a Tropical Shamanic Retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica from April 22nd – April 28th, 2018 for an empowering, healing, rejuvenating and life changing journey. There’s still space for you!

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