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Pathways to Power is a shamanic mini-course designed to help you deepen your connection with the earth, release and free yourself from old patterns and stories, clarify your soul purpose, so that you can stand in your authority, harness and ride your power.

Who is this for? Anyone that is wanting to break free from old patterns, open their heart, and be on a pathway to their own inner power and light. This enriching mini-course is for people who have no experience at all with shamanism and journey work, and those who are well seasoned in shamanic journeying into the mystical realms of spirit.

 Purchase this 5 Module Mini-Course, a 35min session with Susan, and 4 Special BONUSES for only $197 or 2 payments of $98.50 (A $1500 Value!)



  • Learn how to ground deeply with the earth so that you can be calm, confident, heart centered, clear and decisive; no matter what’s going on around you.

  • Learn about the heart healing, gentle medicine of deer. You’ll go on a shamanic journey with deer to learn how to fully accept, trust and love yourself unconditionally, so that you feel a deep sense of inner peace and serenity that will ripple out into all aspects of your life!

  • Learn about the transformative powers of rattlesnake. Journey to a powerful circle of shamans and medicine people in the spirit realms, to perform a life changing “releasing of the past” ceremony with the Rattlesnake Fire Spirit, that will free you from old stories and patterns, so that you can move forward in your life with a clean slate and fresh start!

  • Experience the exhilarating power of sacred horse medicine and take a shamanic journey into the upperworlds with Pegasus, the winged horse, to visit the crystal castle of The Horse Warriors of Light. You’ll get a crystal clear overview of your life, so that you can make laser sharp decisions moving forward on your soul’s path; sourced from a higher intelligence and universal mind, rather than from small self thinking.

MODULE 1 – Turtle Journey to Heart Center Within

This module includes:

  • Opening prayer and drumming
  • Gathering by sacred fire
  • Turtle Heart meditation with 7 directions.
  • Shamanic journey with turtle into your heart.
  • Closing prayer and drumming.

MODULE 2 – Journey South to Spirit Deer and Inner Child

This module includes:

  • Opening prayer and drumming
  • Gathering by sacred fire
  • Looking at trust, commitment, and magical ways.
  • Sweet medicine of the spirit deer.
  • Journey south with deer to visit your inner child.

MODULE 3 – Journey to Ancestors and Circle of Healers

This module includes:

  • Opening prayer and drumming
  • Gathering by sacred fire
  • Journey to your ancestors and Circle of Healers
  • Fire ceremony for releasing things from the past

MODULE 4 – Journey to Rattlesnake Fire Spirit and Circle of Shamans and Healers

This module includes:

  • Journey to circle of medicine people and shamans.
  • Looking at choice and rewriting your old stories.
  • Teaching about rattlesnake medicine.
  • Balancing your masculine and feminine energies.
  • Shedding old skins, masks and false illusions of self.

MODULE 5 – Journey with Pegasus to the Castle of the Warriors of Light

This module includes:

  • Opening prayer and drumming
  • Journey with the spirit horses to the sacred fire.
  • Horse medicine teaching and riding your power
  • An upperworld journey with Pegasus to the crystal castle of “The Horse Warriors of Light”
  • Passing of a staff of light to clarify your soul purpose.
  • Journey with winged horse to see an overview of your life for perspective and clarity.


> With the purchase of this mini-series, you will also receive a 35-minute Session with Susan, where she will give you guidance that is tailored to your specific needs and healing journey.



> A Protective Rainbow Healing Meditation that will cleanse and clear your entire medicine field, uplift your spirit with high frequency rainbow light and reboot your entire system.



> An Earth Breathing Meditation that will help calm and relax your mind, “let go” and surrender, and open to the Earth’s power, love and dream for you.



> A Shamanic Journey with Sacred Buffalo Spirit that will help you stay grounded and living from your light.



> A Shamanic Drumming recording that will help you journey on your own. 


Meet your host Susan Jenkins!

Susan Jenkins is a Shamanic Practitioner, Spiritual Midwife and Medicine Dreamer who uses shamanic spirit and earth based practices to help people heal, empower themselves, and align with their soul essence and purpose. Susan received her unique gift of sight over three decades ago when she faced a serious health crisis that opened her to the realms of spirit and her shamanic path. She journeys there to receive wisdom, inspiration and guidance from the earth, spirit guides, power animals, the elements and forces of nature. A heart-centered, light worker, Susan works in collaboration with luminous beings to clear, heal, uplift, and balance energies. Clients report profound healing and positive shifts from her work. Susan works with clients in her private program and yearlong group program, “Birthing Yourself Into Being”.

 Purchase this 5 Module Mini-Course, a 35min session with Susan, and 4 Special BONUSES for only $197 or 2 payments of $98.50 (A $1500 Value!)


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