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The Abundant Healer
8-Module Course


Unearth the PURE GOLD that is hidden in your SOUL GIFTS! Just imagine what your life would be like if you opened up NEW PATHWAYS OF ABUNDANCE this coming year by doing your SOUL WORK.


THE ABUNDANT HEALER is for healers, creatives, light workers, soulful entrepreneurs and anyone else who wants to make excellent money doing what they’re gifted at and love!

Take a liberating journey of deep divination where you’ll discover and release the root causes that may be preventing you from claiming your soul gifts, charging well for your precious time and services, and abundantly thriving as a giver, healer, light worker and/or soul centered entrepreneur.

$1500 Only $750!


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Pathways to Power


Pathways to Power is a shamanic mini-course designed to help you deepen your connection with the earth, release and free yourself from old patterns and stories, clarify your soul purpose, so that you can stand in your authority, harness and ride your power.

Who is this for? Anyone that is wanting to break free from old patterns, open their heart, and be on a pathway to their own inner power and light. This enriching mini-course is for people who have no experience at all with shamanism and journey work, and those who are well seasoned in shamanic journeying into the mystical realms of spirit.

$497  Only $248.50!  (Value $1,400) 

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Still Standing Strong Package


This package is designed to support you and help you stay grounded and empowered during these tumultuous times. In this series of audio recordings I’ll lead you on guided shamanic journeys, teach you powerful shamanic practices to help you center, connect with the earth, open your heart, clear your energy field, and transmute anything that’s not empowering or generative to your emotional, spiritual and physical well being.

These shamanic practices, journeys and tools, when done on a regular basis, will help you stand steady, grounded and strong, no matter what! Some of what I’m sharing, I teach to my yearlong private and group clients only. But, because there’s so much need and stress right now in our lives and the world, I’m moved to share this with the community at large, through this special offering.

As an extra bonus, I’ve included some of the most popular interviews from my Inner Warrior Summit interview series, with Sandra Ingerman, Michael Stone, Gabrielli LaChiara, Lena Stevens and Pat Liles, Sergio Magana, Patricia Albere and a couple more surprises!  

$297  Only $148.50!  (Value $1,400)


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Join the many people from around the world that have worked with Susan.

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In a Group

Birthing Into Being 9 Month Program ~ Doors Open again in the fall of 2022

Join me for this highly unusual group experience for women who want to learn how to transform, liberate, illuminate and empower themselves, and embody their extraordinary potential, essence and power! Our birthing journey will begin in early December, the perfect time to plant your vision seeds and consciously dream and vision your life for the new year of Birthing Into Being!


Dreaming and Embodying Your Vision

Dreaming and Embodying Your Vision is designed for people who are fully committed to taking a deep journey within, nourish their spirits, ground with the earth, and cause empowering change in their lives. Over 9 months you will be nurtured, encouraged and supported by me as healer, spiritual guide, visionary, coach and medicine dreamer.

Join me for an Illuminating Inner Journey Into the Heart of your Being

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