Meet Susan Jenkins
Susan Jenkins is a Shamanic Priestess, Healer and Medicine Dreamer who uses shamanic spirit and earth based practices to help people heal, empower themselves, and align with their soul essence and purpose.

Susan received her unique gift of sight over three decades ago when she faced a serious health crisis that opened her to the realms of spirit and her shamanic path, where she travels to receive wisdom, messages, inspiration and guidance from the earth, spirit guides, power animals, the elements and forces of nature.

A heart-centered, light worker, Susan works in collaboration with spirit guides and luminous beings to clear, heal, uplift, and balance energies. Clients report profound healing and positive shifts from her work.

Susan works with people as a private mentor and in her yearlong group program, Visioning Daylongs and leads shamanic retreats
in Costa Rica.

She’s leading a 7 day Shamanic Retreat at the renowned Blue Spirit Yoga Center in Nosara, Costa Rica May 4th-11th, 2019.
More retreat information inside! 

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