When am I being a warrior or a martyr? Many of us are so accustomed to thinking we have to“do it all ourselves”, that we often forget that there may actually be another choice! When I fall in to this mind set, I try to remember to stop and honestly ask myself, “Is this the martyr archetype showing up to derail me? Is it true that I have to do this alone? Could I ask for help?”

I want to share a personal story about this. Last week I was trying to figure out a technical issue on my computer. By default, I dove right in to trying to figure it all out by myself, in an area that I knew absolutely nothing about!
Before I knew it, two full hours had passed, and I hadn’t solved a thing! It was only at that point, that I remembered what my 29 year old son has reminded me more than once, “If you can’t figure it out within 15 minutes, just stop! Either Google for answers, or ask someone who knows more for help!”  So, I asked for help and, literally, within 5 minutes of sending the question out to a few people my issue was solved!

For me there is a world of difference between moving from my Inner Warrior and the Martyr. It is still takes a concerted effort to distinguish the difference. My warrior wields a sword of ruthless introspection and reflection cutting away that which no longer serves me. My warrior honors my precious time and helps me towards“right action”. Those 2 hours spent searching aimlessly for answers,
I know was actually my resistance distracting and derailing me. My martyr flies a flag of resistance and attempts to seduce me and stop me dead in my tracks! My warrior respects and cherishes my time and energy and leads me forward in to manifesting my “true purpose”.