How we prepare our inner and outer spaces as we move through this powerful doorway between the seasons, sets the tone for the season and the year ahead.

Creating and tending sacred altars is one of my very favorite things to do. Very early this morning I was guided to create a solstice altar on my porch, which I happily did, along with the sweet blessing of an easterly wind and a thick fog drifting in from the sea a couple miles away.


This is a special week for me because tomorrow is the last call I’ll have with one of my Birthing Yourself Into Being groups, after a full year spent journey-ing together around the medicine wheel of earth.

It’s also the very first solstice where I’ll be gathering around the virtual sacred fire with my other Birthing Yourself Into Being group, who have only just begun their yearlong journey with me around the wheel.

I’ve been guiding them on powerful shamanic journeys and performing healing ceremonies with them and the spirit animals and guides in preparation for the solstice. They’ve also been creating clear, inspired, intentional vision state-ments to place near or by their altars to be blessed by the spirits and the powerful solstice energies.

There are at least 4 people out there who haven’t found us yet. Are you one of them? The candles are lit and we’re calling you in!


I’ll be keeping the 4 candles burning, as much as the wind will allow, to call in the 4 more people whom I can already see in our sacred circle, who have not yet found us! My guides and I are calling you in.

Have you been hearing us, but haven’t been quite sure what it was? Like a soft whisper from spirit and a deep longing in your heart for more?

Maybe you’re tired of trying to do it all alone and are ready to finally let that go and say “yes” to you?

Or, maybe you want to learn more ways to connect even more deeply with the earth and journey with your spirit guides, so that you can feel more powerful, confident and stable in these challenging times?

If you’re hearing our call, I’m right here and would love to talk. Enrollment closes next week, for possibly another whole year. So, don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Let me help you get clear on your vision and empower your life now!

Not later, another time, another day, another… It’s really time to stop saying, “let me think about it, I’ll get back to me!” Give yourself a solstice gift today and click on the link below which takes you to a simple application, where you’ll answer a few simple questions and book your free call. It’s easy!

With many blessings of light,

Gentle Buffalo Woman

P.S. There are no obligations whatsoever. It’s just a good way to see if you’re one of those 4 being called and if we’re the right fit. My calendar fills up fast, so Click Here Now. First come, first served.
P.P.S. I know how painful and uncomfortable it can feel to be longing for more but not quite sure what to do next. Maybe it’s time to stop putting yourself off and be a stand for “you” today? If we’ve talked before and you want to talk more about this program then PLEASE feel free to fill out the application and book a call.

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Spaces are limited, so if your heart says “yes”, commit to yourself today!