How honest are you with yourself?  If you joined me over the past week in closely observing yourself and seeing your masks, you may have uncovered some surprising things about yourself. ( As I said last week, in the northern hemisphere, we’re in the west on the seasonal medicine wheel, where question every thought, belief and story we tell ourselves and ask, “is it true?” and “Who am I?”

When we ask ourselves these questions, our illusions inevitably show up, one after the other; like an endless string of mirrors. When we confront our egos and commit to seeing our illusions for what they are, it can be a bit unnerving and crazy making. The ego clings onto all kinds of false identities to create a false sense of self and false power. Have you been feeling a little crazy and “undone” lately? If so, it’s not sur-
prising as this is the very nature of the work of the west.

The good news is, that we don’t’ have to it all alone! Help and guidance is often just a prayer and humble request away! The earth and the beneficial spirits and guides will gladly work with us to help us unveil and birth our authentic selves, when we surrender, allow and let go.

If you aren’t familiar with Byron Katie, you may want to explore her amazing “work”, the foundation of which is to question every thought, belief, pattern, assumption and illusion that you hold onto, believe in, act from, by asking, “Is it true?”, then honestly reflect and answer “yes” or “no”. She’s created powerful introspective tools for cutting through illusions, and self empowerment.

Because we’re all deeply connected, I believe that when we lift each veil, shed light on our shadows, and break our false mirrors, we positively serve the entire web of life. You could say it’s our responsibility to do our inner work, clean up the disruptive energies we may be creating and emanating, so we can stand in our essence and share our gifts with the world.