I hope you had a chance to listen to my “Sacred Journey to the West” live call. Many listeners shared their west, bear journeys with me. It means a great deal to me to know that my work has touched someone on a deep level. If you had a journey that you haven’t yet shared, then please email it to me, I’d love to hear it!
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I’ve talked before about how easy it can be to say and believe that we’re ready to release anything old that no longer serves us. Who wouldn’t be, right? What often happens is that actually taking inspired actions and following through with our promise to do this, is another story; often an “old story”.

Has this ever happened with you before?
You’re certainly not alone! Letting go of what’s familiar, can bring up fear. Who will you be without that story? Sometimes, without even realizing it, we wear our old stories like a badge of honor. We all know how to suffer, and in an odd way, can feel reassured in feeling “victim to”. When we’re in this “victim” stance, we feel a sense of false power in naming “the other” as solely responsible for any number of injustices we’ve suffered.

True power comes when we’re willing to see our part first in how we keep betraying and re-injuring ourselves by repeating the old stories in our heads, over and over again. True Power comes when we muster up the courage to inquire as to what lessons we were needing to learn on a soul level, to bring us to this very moment of healing and power?

If we keep repeating the same scenario, over and over in our lives, than most likely we have some kind of vested interest in repeating the old patterns. It’s serving us on some level. This takes  honest introspection and firmness with the ego. Have you ever noticed how even though you’ve healed, and are no longer repeating particular dysfunctional patterns anymore, that you still replay the old events and stories in your head? It’s a familiar habit, that can be toxic and draining.

So when fear of “letting go” arises, it really helps to call on your divine essence and spirit, and breath from your heart.  Release and exhale the old; then inhale, visualizing the space you’ve created, filling right back up with the infinite love of the earth and spirit. Fear softens and transforms into trust, within this breath and space of love.

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