When I awake each morning my first inclination is to “think” about the day. My mind wants to go straight to my “to do” lists. To break this habit, I’ve been disciplining myself to simply let go of these habitual thoughts. I then place my awareness on my breathing, quiet my mind, gives thanks for my life, and open to spirit. Sinking back in to the inner silence of “now”, allows my dream body to return slowly and opens the space for my divine essence to “be” and inspire. Subtle messages flow in from spirit guides and beneficial helping spirits. This is what surrendering, “letting go”, and “allowing” is like for me.

Yesterday morning, had I let my thoughts divert my attention from the present moment, I would have totally missed the visitation of the frost spirits spreading in lacy patterns all over the windows just a few feet from my bed! Fortunately, my camera was nearby. I would have missed the exquisite beauty created by the four elements dancing together as water/frost, air/breath,earth/glass, fire/sun! The sun slowly rose over the spruce trees to the east, casting glistening rainbows across the ice crystals which quickly began melting under warmth of the sun’s rays, then disappeared.

I was in awe of the alchemical beauty I was witness to because of my stillness, awareness and presence.

This morning I was gifted with a breathing practice to share with you as a way to help you center, ground with the earth, and connect with spirit and your essence. It will only take about 2 minutes to do, and could have a profound calming affect on your spirit anytime.

Here it is:  Close your eyes and visualize yourself sitting on the back of a very large turtle, facing south.Take a few deep breaths from your heart, feeling the turtle/ earth beneath you. Now take a deep circular breath in and out, feeling the energies of the south flowing in to your body. Next take a breath, feeling the energies of the west permeating your body. Repeat this with the North and the East. Then back to the center, breathe in the powers of the sky above, and the earth below. End with a 7th circle of breath within, in and out of your heart.

I recently had an inspiring interview with a colleague, Kaya Singer, who helps women grow their businesses in “The Wise Woman Way”.
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