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I’m feeling generous and want to offer you a special healing gift !

Often, I’m asked how and when I became a shamanic practitioner and medicine dreamer. To keep it short, as is usually the case, those who are on a shamanic path have often been faced with some kind of trial, illness, near death experience, or other forms of initiation. My initiation happened 32 years ago when I was faced with a very serious illness, and went through a small death passage, and experienced what is referred to in shamanism, as a “dismemberment”. The self I had known up until that point, was shattered. Gratefully,and gracefully, over time, I was literally “remembered”, healed and transformed on many levels.

Through my healing process I was opened to the mystical realms of non-ordinary reality, spirit guides and animals, and began my training as a medicine dreamer;  working at a deep cellular level, literally healing myself from the inside out. During that time I also received my particular “gift of sight”, and the ability to see and move easily between the unseen realms of spirit and the world of form, receiving guidance and messages from spirit.
I am often asked what a shamanic healing session is like. How does it work? What happens?  How do I work? These are all big questions, with no simple response. Every session is totally unique and different, depending on the person I’m working with, their particular needs, life situation etc.. Honestly, the best way to get a taste and feel for my work, is to actually experience a session  for yourself.

That’s why I’m going to give you a chance to get to know me, and offer you the gift of a Free 30 Minute Session! During the session we will focus on one particular question or concern you might have, and I’ll do a drumming, reading, and shamanic journey for you.
There are a few spaces left this week so if you’re interested, All You Need To Do Now is  Click on the “Contact Me” Screen on the right, to schedule a time. Let me know it’s for the Free 30 Minute Healing Session. First come, first served!
* If you’d like a longer session you can purchase 80 minutes for just $97 this week only!
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