You are an amazing powerful dreamer and creator! What are you “dreaming into being” with your thoughts and words?

Those on a shamanic path know that every word we speak or thought we think, carries a powerful energy frequency that is being broadcast deep within our own bodies and out into the world. We are alive and vibrating with the energies we ourselves create moment by moment.

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We are constantly dreaming the world into being
during our waking and sleeping hours.

It’s so easy to say how much we want things to better in the world. How we long for peace, justice, a clean environment etc. We can easily get caught up in the collective feeling of overwhelm and helplessness when we see what’s “going on out there” that can often feel so out of our control to change.

The good news is that we are powerful dreamers and creators who can choose to take responsibility for the energies we are broadcasting out into the world all day long!

The power to co-create change comes from honest introspection and getting real with what’s “going on inside”. Are we polluting our own bodies with negative chatter and an ongoing battle with our inner critic? Are we being gentle peaceful and forgiving with ourselves?

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As collective dreamers it’s very empowering when we really “let in” that we can literally change the collective dream of the world simply by paying attention to and choosing what words and thoughts we put our attention on!

As a shamanic practitioner I know that the best way to serve those who are feeling sick disempowered and struggling, is to see and hold them in their beautiful light and perfection. I don’t buy into their story, but see right through to their brilliant shining light within.

We can all do this with world situations as well. If we focus mostly on what’s wrong and “off”, we are actually contributing to keeping the negative dreams alive.

From this creative space of awareness, our inspired actions then come from a place of hope and a knowing that a new dream can be created when we believe and dream it to be so.