Reiki Practitioner & Energy Healer

Reiki invokes a state of deep relaxation, inner peace and sense of well being; awakening your body’s natural healing intelligence.  Susan Jenkins-Urban is an Energy Healer and certified Usui Reiki practitioner trained in Levels I,II,III + Level I Karuna Level with Barbara Mary Thomas, Camden Maine. Susan offers Reiki treatments in person or from a distance.

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During a Reiki treatment, healing energy and light are channeled into the body and auric field through the practitioner’s hands, which invokes a state of deep relaxation, inner peace and sense of well being. Healing symbols and sounds are passed down to the practitioner during their training, that may be used during a session.  Reiki stimulates the body’s innate healing intelligence, realigning and balancing the entire system. Reiki can also be a powerful support when used in conjunction with traditional medicine, often shortening healing time and reducing discomfort and side effects. Susan also does distance Reiki sessions and uses Reiki in her home and land clearing work.

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