Susan is a powerful, intuitive healer, teacher, and seer. Her approach is deeply respectful of the individual. Susan has an open heart and a remarkable capacity for deep listening. She is tremendously humble and gives feedback and insight that is transformational, deep, and true.

I began to work with Susan when I was 17 years old (about 17 years ago). I was in the early stages of recovering memories of sexual and physical abuse, and I needed help to navigate what was a very complicated and difficult time. As a way to cope with my trauma, I had lived most of my 17 years ‘asleep’, unconscious of the fear that was coloring my life. The work I did with Susan was instrumental in my healing and awakening. During our time together, I learned to trust my own intuition, and I learned to find answers and healing from within. I learned a language and gained an understanding about personal power and boundaries that I continue to use every single day.

My journey has been long. In these last 17 years I have worked with numerous therapists, councilors, psychics, and teachers. The quality of healing work that I did with Susan stands alone – not only because of the personal tools I gained in the process, but because her approach was so deeply tailored and intuitively tuned to me and what I needed at the time. It was an honor to work with her, and I will be forever grateful to her for all she has given me.

Ghigs Razi    Ashland, Oregon

The Shamanic work you have done with me has changed my life in deep, profound, and meaningful ways such that I am able to incorporate it into my daily life. Your work is grounded in established teachings and your ego so out of the picture I am eternally grateful. I can not say enough about you as person and you as a Shamanic healer. You really walk the talk. All blessings be.

~D. W., Rhode Island

“It’s been an honor for me to work with Susan. The work changed my life in a very profound way.  I found her to be a non-judgmental, caring, compassionate and very competent healer who helped me heal old wounds. As issues came up that needed addressing, we addressed them and I moved on!! She is a powerful, beautiful woman who instilled in me the need to recognize my own power. I am a stronger person because of Susan. As I continue on my spiritual path, I stay in touch with Susan as my friend, mentor and healer. ”
-Sara W. Blue Hill, Maine

Working with Susan has made a strong impact in my life. She is the first person, who I have felt comfortable opening up to. She is someone who I can fully trust. She has a warm and gentle heart. Susan has taught me how to have better relationships with people in my life. She has also taught me how to really step into my power, and be myself. I have been very blessed to be working with her.
Amber Kauffman, Westminster, Colorado

“For years, Susan has worked on houses and land that I have listed for sale to renew and refresh the spirit of the property, generating greater appeal for prospective buyers. In a number of cases, the timing of her work coincided quite remarkably with offers received. Her advice on listings has been both spiritual and practical, and always useful. I would recommend Susan to anyone hoping to enhance and move property, especially in this challenging market.”
-M.C. Camden, Maine

“The first time I hired Susan to do a reading and clearing on a property I’d had listed for close to a year with no forward movement, it was ‘under contract’ within a few days after her clearing work. I know her work was instrumental in moving that property and numerous others for me since.”
-Realtor Belfast, Maine

“I was referred to Ms. Jenkins-Urban by my realtor, after indicating that I wanted my just-purchased property to be “cleared” of any negative energy. I purchased this home with the intention of renting it out, so Ms. Jenkins came over and “worked” on the house. Within 2 weeks, my property was rented to a wonderful tenant (who is still there)! I was so pleased that I hired her to clear my other rental properties, and I have been blessed with great tenants! If you need any kind of clearing or energy work, I highly recommend Susan Jenkins-Urban!
-Myriam M., California

Susan Jenkins, Women’s Shamanic Retreat at Blue Spirit, Nosara, Costa Rica

Susan Jenkins is a masterful guide and genuine, heart-centered leader.  A powerful and emerging voice of the feminine divine, she has one foot firmly rooted in the human experience and the other in the spirit dimension.  She flows gently and easily between these worlds, setting the stage for a uniquely expansive and healing experience.  I had adventures I never could have imagined until this retreat and grew in ways I didn’t even know existed.   A gifted facilitator, Susan held a sacred space for our group and also participated as one of us, sharing the growth and deepening our connection.

Strong, gentle, and kind, Susan wrapped her heart around each and every participant.  With the wild nature and beauty of the jungle as our setting, The Women’s Shamanic Retreat was an absolute treasure.  I will return again and again.

Marsea Spiegel


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