Please join me today to break through resistance!

Everyday I am faced with some form of resistance. When I woke up just before dawn today, I was guided to blog to connect to all of you on a more personal level. My resistance reared up, since I’ve been learning how to tame her I quietly assured her and whispered “Don’t worry, it’s just a gentle nudge from spirit, that’s all, all is well”.

One of my greatest passions is writing. When I write I feel fulfilled
and whole. When I write I naturally, effortlessly surrender to my spirit, my creative essence, my muse. Time slips away, I feel a deep joy and sense that “all is well”. Do I write every day? Absolutely not! Why is that?  Because resistance to one of my true callings is a powerful force. I procrastinate, dig in my heals, have another cup of coffee, mill around: the blank pages of my journal remain empty.

Well, today I am committing to breaking through this debilitating pattern, to nurturing my inner, creative warrior who loves to write! I want to invite you to join me today, by doing one thing in your life that you have been resisting doing, saying, writing, drawing, singing, dancing, whatever that is. Let’s break through resistance together today!

With light, Susan