Do you speak your truth?  Are you living your true vision? This morning
I have been thinking about the major crossroads that many people are facing in their lives these days. There’s a quickening of energies on so many levels, streaming in and around us from the cosmos. Beneath us, we sense a restless trembling, moving and shaking from deep within the the earth herself to take “right action” and empower ourselves. It seems that anything and everything that we have pushed down, not faced, denied and kept secret from ourselves and others, is practically impossible to keep hidden any longer.
There’s a collective urgency, the time is now! Those of us who are deeply committed to consciously evolving and growing, are being challenged like never before to clarify and align with our essence. We are being called to speak our truth and walk our talk. If you’re anything like me, you’ve found that it’s more and more difficult to maintain your inner status quo and ignore the unfulfilled, shadow parts of yourself any longer. Whether we like it or not, the light is finding our shadows. For so many of us this means being more honest with ourselves than we’ve ever been before. What secrets have we been keeping even from ourselves? What do we really want? What changes do we need to make to feed our soul fire and ignite our lives? What do we need to let go of to feel aligned and true to ourselves?
Over the past couple of years I have had to make some major changes
in my life on many levels. I had to finally speak my truth. My inner fire was dwindling, my spirit called to me to tend her and stop putting myself on the back burner and supporting everyone else in their visions. My spirit called out, I needed to soar. Bravely, I eventually walked through a powerful doorway. Because of my decisions, I now have the honor of sitting and sharing my thoughts and words with all of you on this beautiful spring day. Having walked through the doorway and heeded my spirit’s call, I can say, from direct experience, that I was well worth it and so are you! There is nothing more fulfilling than committing to our vision, spirit and true path!
You are not alone, we are all in this together!

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With light,
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