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  ~ New Moon Retreat ~
July 25th – August 1st, 2014
Retreat and work with me as a shamanic healer, guide and medicine dreamer on the stunning coast of Maine. You will be nurtured, guided, healed and taken care of for a full week in my quiet valley just 2 miles from the island dotted Eggemoggin Reach, Penobscot Bay & beautiful Walker Pond. (Pay in full, save $150)
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Are you ready to release your old stories, patterns, and burdens?
If you’ve been following my work, you’re aware that this is a perfect time to be releasing the old, especially for those here in the northern hemisphere, where we are in the south on the medicine wheel. Regardless of your location, for all who have courageously chosen to do this inner work, you have probably allowed some deep, painful feelings to arise that you’ve repressed for a very long time at a deep cellular level. Now that you’ve committed and invited change, you may be wondering how to actually go about releasing and transforming the old memories and feelings that have surfaced.

Mother Earth is ready and willing to help you. She will gracefully take your pain, grief and sadness, and transform it for you. All you need to do is humbly ask for her help. By doing this work in partnership with her, you will cause deep transformation and healing for yourself and for her, simultaneously, on many levels. You may be wondering how to do this.

 Here are some simple, powerful, releasing practices.
* Sit or lie on the Earth(or on a floor). While asking her to help, breath deeply in and out from your heart  Take a long, deep breath and exhale from your heart sending anything you’re willing to let go of into the earth, visualizing your sadness, heaviness, grief etc. being transformed in her molten core. Then on the inhale breathe in her unconditional love and power into your heart and body, feeling it filling the spaces you have opened and cleared.
* Stand on the earth, humbly ask her to help you while feeling your roots extending from the soles of your feet deep down, reaching for her molten core.  Exhale what you’re willing to release today down through your roots. Inhale and feel her love and power permeating every cell in your body.
Learn ways to surrender, trust, allow & release the past on all levels!
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