August 9th, 2014

Today the full moon shines her luminescent light, heightening feelings, emotions and passions. She inspires us to trust, tap into, and honor our intuitive wisdom. It’s a powerful time to fully surrender to the mystery, and to move and think from essence. A question I ask myself throughout the day to realign with spirit and keep my mind in check, is, “Am I moving from ego or essence?” I also practice thinking from my heart and moon lodge, the seat of intuition; which grounds me in the present and opens a beautiful space for magic to flow freely.
Moon meditation: Sit comfortably while visualizing the moon suspended above you. Feel her shimmering light entering into your crown chakra as a silver chord moving down through your mind, third eye, throat, heart, diaphragm, belly, moon lodge(womb), root chakra and into your roots, reaching towards the earth’s molten core. Open to your deep knowing, intuition and heart, allowing inspiration and magic to inform and guide you. You may see wise guides and light beings connected to the moon and her shimmering essence and light.  Pay attention to your throat chakra and any urges you feel to finally speak your truth, or the truth of your ancestors, that have been repressed and blocked. Practicing this meditation on a regular basis, will help you open to essence, and deepen your trust in your intuition and inner wisdom.  Thank you Dear Moon for all your beautiful light blessings.