Tonight is the Harvest Moon in Pisces, which draws us very close to the astral realms. Have you noticed how the veil between the worlds has been noticeably permeable and transparent with this current waxing moon?

Over this past week I have found that the more I simply allow myself to flow with the dreamy, moon energies and surrender to the flow of spirit, the more things have been naturally falling into place.  Celestial messages and wisdom hover around the edges. This morning I was guided  to invite you to join me tonight for a Full Moon Meditation from 9-10PM (ETime,USA.)

If you choose, visualize the Full Moon directly over your head, whether you’re sitting inside, or outside under the night sky. Feel her luminescent light streaming down through your crown chakra, third eye, throat, heart, Moon Lodge (located in your womb area for women/ 2nd chakra area for men),  root chakra and down into the earth’s molten core. Breath in and out feeling the deepening connection between the moon and the earth. Simply surrender and open to inspiration, messages and guidance, as you entrain with the dreaming of the moon and the earth. Pay special attention to messages on how to best speak your truth. The moon is offering to bolster our courage to break the silence. Are there things you’ve been wanting to say but not had the courage to speak? Maybe it’s now time to ask for her help in voicing your truth.

I look forward to sitting with you tonight to open and align with these powerful energies. Please feel free to email me and share your experience, @