Shifting and changing of seasons is upon us, with the Fall Equinox just a week away in the northern hemisphere, and the Spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere. What seeds do you intend to plant to manifest the joyful, fulfilled life you want to co-create in this upcoming season?


On the medicine wheel of earth the Equinox and Solstice doorways signify powerful times of transition.
There are many things we can do to align with the Fall or Spring Equinoxes. It’s a perfect time to finish your clearing and releasing work from the previous season; smudge your body, your altars, personal belongings, cars and homes, inside and out, to name a few. It’s always good to pause near or on the actual day to reflect and call on your essence and spirit for guidance around next best steps in your  life. Wherever you live, it’s also a good time to revisit, review and recreate your life vision, acknow-ledging your successes and the inspired right actions you’ve actually taken. Many of us have a tendency to look at what we’ve not done, rather than on how far we’ve actually come! I invite you to join me in being kind and gentle with yourself, if you have a tendency to focus from a scarcity mindset.
Being self empowered, focused and strong often requires support and help, though for many
of us “going it alone” is the most familiar way.
Most of us need a mentor, guide or teacher to hold us accountable, point out our old patterns, and help us finally walk through the fires and transformational doorways in our life; especially when we’re about to go through the most significant transitions and break-throughs!
I’ve had the honor and opportunity to talk with a great many of have scheduled  a Free Clarity Call. During these calls I give tips and tools that can be used as soon as you get off the call to empower yourself and create change in your life. Are you one who was all fired up after your call, ready to implement the tools and practices by yourself, and cause the shifts and changes you long for? As time has passed, do you find yourself in the same place, wondering why you haven’t been able to hold yourself accountable and follow through with what you promised yourself you would do?

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Amethyst “Tending to Your Roots~Reclaiming Your Power”
“Tending to Your Roots~Reclaiming Your Power”

Emerald mid-level personal program:
Emerald “Pathways to Power” 6 Month Program

It’s a good time to intentionally move with flow of these powerful cosmic energies, invest in yourself, and plant fresh seeds to co-create the life you want to be living 6 months from now!