Have you been clearing the old in preparation for this new season? 
This week as I’ve been cleaning up, clearing and completing unfinished projects on the physical plane, I’ve been very conscious of how these are a direct reflection of my inner world. For example, I have clothes that I know I need let go of, that have passed the “yes” “no” test many times over, and yet are still in my closet. Do you have clothes like this that you try on, over and over again, despite the fact that every time you do, they don’t feel good, or even conjure up uncomfortable, uneasy feelings?  Can you relate? Why is it so hard to simply get rid of things that no longer energetically serve us? I’ve been introspecting on this a lot, asking myself what old, degenerative feelings or patterns am I hanging onto inside that these clothes represent? We can say, with conviction, that of course we’re ready to release the old patterns, thoughts, beliefs that no longer serve us! Why wouldn’t we? So why do we hold on so?

As simplistic as this analogy may seem, it’s been a very enlightening tool for me this week. Unhealthy, diminishing thoughts, beliefs and patterns are like that once cozy, now old, frayed, familiar sweater; whose color and style we used to love, but no longer feels good or reflects who we now are inside.  Though familiar negative emotions and patterns can be more insidious, deep seated and hard to let go of; maybe if we simply liken them to old, worn out clothes, they’ll be easier to finally choose to bag up and let go of once and for all!

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