I’m imagining that you’ve heard many times before, how your words and thoughts play a big part in creating your reality. You’ve probably  even promised yourself, more than once, that you’ll be more conscious and aware of this. Surely what goes on inside your own mind, is within your control?

It should be pretty simple to just choose generative uplifting, words, language and thoughts, right?

It takes an amazing amount of discipline and practice to actually reprogram our internal dialog to support and co-create our soul purpose and vision. The trick is to be aware that we constantly.face these “choice points”, and can redirect or thoughts and words accordingly.

Here’s a practice that I’ve found to be very helpful and nurturing. Whenever I feel unclear, muddled, or confused about best, next right steps, or find myself running old tapes in my head; I try to remember to pause, smile, take a deep breath, and then gently ask myself,  “Am I moving from love or fear?” This simple question grounds me into the present and realigns me with my vision.

Another helpful question I pose is, “Am I moving from essence or ego?” Both of these inquiries work like a sharp, sword of truth that effectively cuts right through confusion, mistrust, doubt, worry or fear. If you think about it, most self sabotaging, diminishing patterns, thoughts, words and beliefs are rooted in either fear or ego.

Throughout the day, I try to be ever vigilant and aware of the many “choice points” that present themselves. It’s so easy to feel victim to life and forget that we have the power to actually choose the words we speak and the thoughts we give our precious energy to, isn’t it? We are powerful alchemists, who can easily transform the toxic energies we create and recycle within our bodies every day, by simply taking the time to pause, identify our “choice points”, create generative thoughts, and take “right action” from essence and love. I invite you to join me this week in asking  yourself these simple, powerful questions on a regular basis, and see what magic begins to happen.
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