What masks do you wear? Since many of us have just celebrated Halloween, Day of the Dead, Samhain and other seasonal holidays honoring and acknowledging the more hidden realms, I’m moved to write about Masks, Mirrors & Intimacy. We’re also directly in the west on the medicine wheel here in the northern hemisphere. Because this is where I’m located, I’ll talk about the west. However, if you’re in the southern hemisphere, this also pertains to you, because we’re also influenced by the energies directly opposite us on the seasonal medicine wheel.

The west is where we confront our illusions, introspect and look at our inner masks and mirrors.
  Last week I talked about how helpful it can be to ask “Am I moving from ego or essence?” and how hard it can be to catch when we’re alluding and tricking ourselves, how the ego can always find evidence to support all kinds of crazy beliefs, illusions, ideas, reflections and projections.

Honesty and Humility are the keys to deepening into and
Harnessing True, Authentic Power from the Earth.
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Because our masks are so familiar, it can be nearly impossible sometimes to realize that we’re even wearing them in the first place, or see when we’re projecting our inner shadows outward, and not recognizing their reflections being mirrored back to us. When I find myself unduly focused outside myself, wasting precious energy criticizing, inventorying others, or blaming; I know that it’s a sure sign that I have some inner work to do, and that something’s being mirrored back to me that I need to shift and change within, to humbly realign with my integrity.

How honest are you with yourself? What masks do you wear? 
Do you pretend to be confident and “in charge” when you feel out of control and fearful inside?
Do you wear a mask of aloofness when you’re actually feeling vulnerable and insecure?
Do you appear and act angry when you’re sad or disappointed?
Do you wear a mask of vulnerability and passivity to manipulate?
Do you wear a victim mask to hide yourself from your own gifts and power?

What masks do you wear in your body language to hide, protect and shield yourself with?
Do you turn your back on, or walk away from those you feel most drawn and attracted to?
Do you shield and mask your heart when you feel threatened or vulnerable?
Do you get busy and over active when you’re out of your comfort zone?

Do you want to fully step into your power this year?
Do you want to be held accountable?
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I am an improvisational dancer, so have plenty of opportunity to observe the many shields and masks I create, that I’m often not even aware of, until I’m improvising with other dancers. We’re such fascinating creatures! Please join me this week in paying close attention to masks you might be unconsciously wearing, and be aware of where you might be seeing reflections of your shadows being mirrored back to you.

So what does this have to do with intimacy? It requires an Inner Warrior’s courage, willingness, humility and honesty to get truly intimate with our deepest, most uncomfortable feelings that we’re shielding and protecting ourselves from with our inner masks and mirrors.  This is edgy, powerful work that can be facilitated greatly by having the support of a spirit-
ual mentor, teacher or guide who can point out what we can’t see clearly in ourselves.

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Gentle Buffalo Woman