I have talked to so many people recently who have shared that they’re in a place of “I don’t know” which often makes them feel anxious,
inadequate and down on themselves for not having all the answers.There’s much wisdom to be gained in allowing, accepting and just
“being with” our uncertainty and “not knowing”.
Our overactive minds, almost driven to “figure it all out now“, actually just need a well
deserved rest! When we do this, a space opens for inspiration to flow in from spirit, non-ordinary realms, and our true essence.


There‘s a time of gestation for everything that’s been planted. A seed can’t be willed to grow. When we garden we plant seeds, water them,
trust and patiently wait for them to sprout. There’s nothing to “figure out” or “know”. The same is true of projects, visions, and dreams.


So, if you find yourself in a place of “not knowing”, instead of getting anxious and fearfully searching the mind for answers, try changing your
thoughts about what “not knowing” means. Maybe try relaxing and opening to the wisdom in simply allowing what’s unfolding to happen.


There’s a natural “right timing” in the gestation and birthing process.  For those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere, let’s remind
ourselves that we’re still hibernating and dreaming our visions.      So instead of seeing not having an answer, as a problem, let’s honor this as a
natural time of rest, gestation and inner growth. 


Today the sun moves into Aquarius and we have the  First New Moon in 2015, also in Aquarius, which feels very significant. A perfect time for planting new seeds.
I want to invite you to choose one inspired action to commit yourself to over this moon cycle. Make it something that you can certainly accomplish in a month, but also
stretches you just a little beyond your comfort zone, so that you can break through any familiar patterns of resistance that might come up to keep you
playing small, and holding back.  susanjenkinsurban@gmail.com

I hope you enjoy the new moon energies!