This morning I sat on a bench outside facing east honoring the day and the new moon. With the rising sun warm on my face, I listened to mourning doves cooing in the awakening woods and to the gentle rustling of winter dry, golden grasses, now a welcoming nest to newly emerging deep green and purple hyacinth shoots.

In awe of the miracle of life itself and the exquisite warblers flitting and flashing bright yellow amongst red maple buds, I was reminded of a shamanic  journey I recently took to what some refer to as the multiverse, where it’s said we live in parallel realities, that influence and inspire us in our current life of form.

Though words will not even come close to capturing the essence of the profound experience and the messages I received from spirit during my journey, they will have to do for now.

The main message and reminder was that nature is a direct pathway and bridge between us and spirit.

Every plant, tree, blade of grass, stone, fish, vine, snake, four legged, bird, insect, butterfly, cricket, microorganism, flower, leaf rustling in the wind, rain falling through air, snowflake drifting, wave breaking, fog listing, tide turning, animal calling; all are forever carrying the messages and singing the songs of the multiverse and divine spirit.

Be especially aware and open to the sacred songs of the winged ones, the ancient bird tribes.

When we listen to nature we align with the perfection of the universe and open to the constant stream of messages flowing in from spirit to move and inspire us. They reminded me to be aware of the insidious trance of thoughts and beliefs that can block this flow and keep us captive in our small selves.

The easiest way to open to our essence, divine source and true life purpose is to surrender to spirit, let go, allow and deeply listen. Immerse ourselves in the present moment. The now is where true freedom lies.

I invite you to join me this week in practicing “deep listening” and tuning into nature, whether you live in the forest or in the middle of a busy city. Breath, feel the earth beneath you, and keep returning to the present moment, the miraculous now.


Radiating light and love,

Gentle Buffalo Woman