Are you feeling out of your comfort zone?  This could be very good news!
A breakthrough is most likely just around the corner!

Often, when we’re poised at the threshold of transformation and on the verge of up leveling, igniting our lives and birthing into our power, we are tested! It’s the very nature and territory of transformation.

When I was waking up this morning, my dream body still between the worlds, spirit moved me to write and share this with you. I’ve learned to really pay attention when I receive messages and impulses during this transition time, or any “in between” time, for that matter.

Decisions and choices born from “in between” places can be very powerful and life changing. When we take action and commit to a decided “yes” or “no” from there, the creative forces become activated and the beneficial helping spirits move closer and engage more with us.

21 years ago I opened the doors to my healing center “ Birthing Spirit Center”. I received the name from spirit one morning when I was transitioning from the dream time. I heard a clear voice say “Birthing Spirit Center”. I was alone in my room. As soon as I said “yes” to the name I felt the powers and spirits responding and moving closer. A softness and grace filled in the room.

In my shamanic work one of my roles is that of spiritual midwife. I often find myself holding sacred space and providing support as a midwife does, offering loving encouragement and grounding to clients as they dream, birth into and “embody” their spirit’s brilliance and soul’s destiny. The birthing process is very much like that given when an actual baby is born.

Are you in transition, at a major crossroad? Let me hold your hand and support and midwife you while you birth into the most brilliant powerful version of you!

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I’m sharing all this because I talk to a lot of people who are stuck in a kind of birth canal in their lives. They’re lost in an “in between” place. It’s scary and often dark. They’re in between relationships; should they stay or go? Or in between jobs, should they stay and tough it out, or leave and leap into the unknown trusting that something else more fulfilling will come their way?

Or, they’ve promised themselves time and time again, that they’ll do all the things they know will be good for them. After all, they’ve got all the tools. Tomorrow, they’ll start connecting with the earth, meditating, exercising, eating better, stop procrastinating, call that person, speak their truth.  Then day after day, month after month, year after year, they just can’t seem to hold themselves accountable and take inspired action on their own.

Or, maybe they’ve even found the perfect mentor, their prayers have finally been answered! But they get scared to leap and instead remain stuck in the toxic zone of indecision Here they lose momentum and give in to a familiar “no”, when deep down they know that “yes” would have been the more courageous, powerful, self nurturing answer. The next year they may find themselves in exactly the same stuck place, stagnating, frustrated and unchanged. Does any of this sound familiar?

We’ve all been there! I’ve certainly been there! But I want to assure you that it doesn’t have to be this way! What I know to be true is that this “in between” place can be painful, discouraging and scary.  When we remain there for too long, in indecision, doubt, fear of making the wrong decision, clinging to the familiar, even though we know it’s unhealthy; our self worth, esteem, respect and dignity slowly erodes away. Our life force feels weak, our inner fire smolders. It’s really an uncomfortable place to be in.

The good news is that the more painful and uncomfortable we feel, the more likely that we’re about to experience a major spiritual breakthrough!  It is almost impossible to recognize and move forward from on our own! We need each other. We need to ask for help. Though we can’t see it from this painful place, it’s courageous and powerful to dare to come out of the shadows and speak the truth of our spiritual pain to someone who recognizes and understands the potential transformative power and amazing possibility that is just waiting to be birthed into the light! This is familiar territory to the spiritual warrior.

Just when we’re poised at the threshold of transformation, just about to birth fully into our power and uplevel our lives, we are tested! It’s just the nature of it all. Our ego rises it’s ugly head and shows evidence of why we should doubt, fear, think we’re crazy, project our pain outside ourselves, blame, all that painful human stuff. Resistance digs in her heals.

Are you in transition? Let me be your spiritual midwife, hold your hand and give you the loving support you long for as you birth into the most brilliant powerful version of the you!

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We are a birthing in progress, a process very like the birthing of an actual baby. What makes it even more excruciating at times is that we often feel the intensity of “being” the laboring mother and the transitioning baby, making the difficult passage down the birth canal, simultaneously!  Needless to say, the experience can be scary and overwhelming.

Metaphorically, speaking, the biggest difference is that once a mother goes into labor the process will unfold and move forward. One way or another, at the end of the ordeal, a birthing will and does take place! For the baby, once the contractions begin, it has no choice in whether to move into the birth canal, and leave the warm, familiar oceanic waters of the mother’s womb. If the birth proceeds naturally the baby will have to transition through a long dark, constricting tunnel towards the light which ironically it cannot see yet, nor does it even know is awaiting.

All the baby experiences is that it’s slowly moving somewhere, the walls are closing in, it feels constricted, uncomfortable and unfamiliar. It’s aware of a lot of energy, intensity strange sounds. There is no turning back, changing her mind, digging in of her heals, procrastinating, second guessing, having doubts. Whether she wants to or not, she moves towards her eventual birth.

Just like a person going through a major transition or spiritual trial in their life, it’s not unusual for her to, like a laboring mother, lose total track of what she’s even doing or why? She wonders why she ever chose to go through all this in the first place! It’s certainly not what she signed up for, yet there’s no stopping it! She can totally loose track of the reality that at the end of it all, there is a new being!

Is this you? Are you lonely? Do you need encouragement and a loving hand? I’m here to help!


I talk to a lot of people who spend a good deal of their lives in that “in between” space. Many don’t realize that with guidance, they could harness the power and creative potential in this transitional place. As soon as they reach out to me for help the birthing process begins. I’m deeply honored to be able to support and witness the powerful transformational work of the my clients, who had the courage to say “yes”, invest in themselves and ask for my support and that of the beneficial spirits who are always available to guide and inspire.

Are you someone who knows that you can’t stay where you are in your life any longer.
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Maybe, reluctantly, you’ve started moving into a birth canal and know there’s no turning back, your spirit won’t let you do that anymore. You fear the unknown but have still taken the leap towards spiritual freedom.  Maybe you don’t believe that there is a brilliant light ahead at the end of this birth canal!

Maybe you feel helpless and ill equipped to deal with all the work that lies ahead? I want to assure you that this is all natural!  You simply need help and support. Just as it’s not possible for a laboring mother to hold all that’s happening in perspective and make clear decisions and choices on her own behalf, neither do any of us have to keep trying to do it all on our own! She needs the help and encouragement of a midwife or those attending to encourage, remind and assure her, one contraction and breath at a time.

If any of what I’ve been sharing speaks to you I have a space left in my Diamond “Dreaming & Embodying Your Vision” year long program which won’t be there for long.

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