For me, this past month has been a poignant time of hibernation, introspection, clearing away the old and creating space, inside and out, for the new on all levels. Closets now have only clothes that bring a “yes” when I look at them. It’s been fascinating owning my resistance to releasing things that I didn’t even like, or that no longer felt generative or uplifting. I know this was my ego’s desire to hang onto the familiar/comfortable out of fear letting go, leaping into the unknown and allowing my spirit to soar, unburdened and free!

During this clearing process I’ve been working with rattlesnake medicine, so powerful and transmuting. Shedding brittle, old skins and fully birthing myself anew. Interesting, but not so surprising, my coat closet was the most challenging. Coats and jackets are the final layers that literally and symbol- ically protect and shield us from the outside world. Rattlesnake has helped me see that my tendency to collect and hang onto too many coats, sweaters and jackets goes way beyond basic practicality and was deeply rooted in fear of change and a scarcity mentality. Having passed through another powerful doorway, I’m ready, willing and excited to call in and magnetize the new in all areas of my life!

Yesterday I took three full bags to “The Tree of Life” an amazing volunteer organization in my area that literally turns clothes into an abundance of food for the community. With new spaces cleared, I woke up feeling liberated, inspired and ready to plant fresh seeds of intentions for the new moon. The new moon is a powerful time to start fresh with new intentions, creative projects, and/or embark on a new phase of an ongoing project you may already be working on. The new moon clears the path and sets the stage and for new cycles to begin. Writing my new intentions in my journal at the beginning of each moon cycle is my favorite way of planting new seeds of intentions for the month ahead.

Wishing you an inspired new moon full of fresh intentions and creative possibilities!